Worship Recap Aug 12, Vox Domini, Timisoara, Romania

I was blessed to sit in with my new friends, the worship team at Vox Domini in Timisoara, Romania. It was my first time at this church, which has Baptist roots and is connected with Northpoint in Atlanta, GA, USA.

Sunday's worship team with moi @ Vox Domini

Worship team with moi @ Vox Domini

Worship leaders Dan and Adela Popa brought a group  to SOZO Festival in Serbia and thus the connection with moi was made.

I met with the team for an informal workshop on Saturday night, then we led worship on Sunday morning.

I taught and led “Aceasta E (This Is The Day/A New Anointing)” during the worship set.

Later I shared the song and story behind “No Easy Answers”.

It was a great experience. Wonderful people, very warm reception. I made a lot of new friends.

Here’s a link to a video of the whole service. 

Almost all the worship was in Romanian.

  • The first two songs were Romanian songs. The first  was a Vox Domini original based on Psalm 34. 
  • The next was roughly translated, My Heart Overflows With Praise. 
  • Then we did Aceasta E (A New Anointing), 
  • Revelation Song and
  • after a time of prayer – How He Loves. 
  • The message was an overview and launch of a series on the gospel of Luke
  • After the message: No Easy Answers
  • We reprised Aceast E at the end of the service.
It was a very good day indeed. 

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This concluded the second phase of my missions trip, teaching at the School of Worship,  and now I travel 6 hours to Cluj for 3 days of worship workshops for the churches in that area of Romania.

NOTE: This post is part of my on-going Mission Trip 2012 series.

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4 thoughts on “Worship Recap Aug 12, Vox Domini, Timisoara, Romania

  1. Rob,

    What a treat it has been for me individually, to be able to read your daily blogs.. It really helps me stay connected to your missions trip, up close and personal. I love finding out what exactly your days are all about.. Those photos really keep it real.. I love to be able to see through the photos places , where i know i will most likely never see on this side of heaven. Yet it connects me to that part of the world. So Rob.. Keep it up.. Those blogs. My prayers are with you all.. amazing what God an do in such a short time… Cristina Mattson

    • Thank you so much Cristina! Really appreciate your prayers and support! Sorry I just saw your comment, I must have been travelling when you left it and missed it. God bless you guys!