Resurrection Power: 50 Days That Rocked The World

A Devotional Journey For The Season Between Easter and Pentecost

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Resurrection Power: 50 Days That Rocked The World. A Devotional Journey.

I’m excited to announce my new, ahem – first book, “Resurrection Power: 50 Days That Rocked The World. A Devotional Journey”  is now officially available for purchase on

It’s a devotional book for the fifty day season between Easter Sunday and Pentecost Sunday.

Resurrection Power deeply examines the events and conversations surrounding Jesus from Resurrection until Pentecost. Each chapter opens with a beautiful photograph of the morning sunrise, then delves into the narratives that transformed the world.

Anyone desiring a fresh viewpoint to grow deeper in their faith will benefit from this book.

Now what?

This is what we all want to know when something big in life happens, and it might be the question stirring around in your mind now that Easter has come and gone.

How do we live a resurrection life now? This book full of practical and profound insights will show you how.”

—Jeff Goins, Author, The In-Between

Resurrection Power is a unique concept on a number of levels. It begins with the late Robert E. Webber’s premise that Easter’s essential theme cannot be satisfactorily celebrated in a day – it takes a season.

We journey with Thomas and find our doubt transformed into faith. We stumble with Peter in denial and find ourselves reinstated to fellowship in love. We walk with Emmaus travelers and find our hearts too strangely warmed, burning within us and thrilling at our recognition of the Master as he gives thanks and breaks the bread we will share together.

By lifting our eyes off the particularities of our personal journeys and turning them intentionally upon the journey of Jesus to his cross, his grave, the skies, and his throne, we find that he has joined us not just in our generic humanity but in the midst of our particular doubts, fears and struggles, bringing faith, courage and victory.

I thank Rob Still for the privilege of previewing this wonderful book. We plan to use it in our daily devotion this Easter and beyond. Highly recommended!Darrell Harris
Dean of the Chapel, The Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies

This book attempts to bridge a few gaps in the practice of Christian living.

First, like many evangelicals, I was not raised observing special occasions of the liturgical church calendar. I hope my writing will demystify, inspire and encourage a lifestyle of contemplative worship through increased awareness of the church calendar along with accompanying intentional practices.

Second, there seemed to be many resources for personal devotion during Advent and Lent, but few for the “Easter” or “Easter-tide” season. I hope this book fills some of that gap.

Feedback From Readers

How thought-provoking! Never thought of this before… Profound. Good way to start my morning .. thanks Rob! Caryn C.
Beautifully stated! In 15 years of church I never heard so much as a sermon about this time period. Thank you! Crista S.
I am loving this. Your insights and paraphrases bring clarity. Picture, length and writings are encouraging and up lifting. Vickie M.
Thanks Rob for presenting GODS word in a most simple as well as profound truth… Cristina M.
” “But the rewards are worth it. There is joy in the journey.” Amen! - Gangai V.

More about the book.

This unique devotional invites the reader to experience a spiritual journey encountering “50 Days That Rocked The World.”  This is the season from Resurrection Sunday, when Christ rose from the dead, through Pentecost Sunday, the day the Holy Spirit was poured out and the church was born.

Throughout the 50 days, we contemplate resurrection spirituality by imagining ourselves as participants in the story, exploring the events and conversations of Jesus after He rose from the dead.

What Could The Power of Resurrection Do For Your Life?



Resurrection PowerAUDIO BOOK COVER

Resurrection PowerAUDIO BOOK COVER

Resurrection Power Audio Book, is now available on, iTunes, Amazon and other retail outlets.

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Resurrection Power Audio Video PODCAST

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