Reflections From My Greece/Ukraine Ministry Mission

I am constantly in a state of total dependence on God. This is my story, and this is my song. (Thank you, Fannie Crosby!)

I am counting on the Lord to lead and provide for the things I believe He has called me to do.

I have doubts and fears that seem massive and overwhelming at times.

But I also have faith, and all the faith that any of us really need is, well – minuscule. Jesus said that if we have just a tiny bit of authentic, trusting faith – the “size of a mustard seed” – then mountains will be moved. (Matthew 17:20).

So on October 31, 2018, by faith, I embarked on yet another improbable missions adventure. My first assignment was to lead worship in Greece for an international group of missionary leaders on a 6-day training intensive. The second leg of my trip was to minister in the nation of Ukraine in a variety of locations and contexts. I’ll tell all about that in a moment.

But first, I have to share one of my “ah ha” moments. 

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Greece & Ukraine Mission Trip November 2018

You Can Help Us Go and Make Disciples!

My next missions trip will be October 31 – November 14, 2018. The first leg is near Athens, Greece where I’ll be leading worship for a 5-day missions leadership development intensive with national leaders from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Ethiopia and Ghana. This organization is a new connection for me and I feel the Lord is strongly in this endeavor.

The following week I’ll head to Ukraine to teach, coach, mentor, advise and encourage students and staff at the Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary in Kiev. 

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Ukraine Mission 2018

My next missions trip will be May 7 – 17, 2018. I’ll return to Ukraine for the third consecutive year as a seminar instructor and keynote speaker at the Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary in Kiev.

I’ll teach on worship theology, songwriting and intercessory worship for the Music in Worship Conference May  10-12, the following week I’ll be a guest lecturer for classes in the music department. Besides teaching, my purpose will be to coach, mentor, advise and encourage students and staff.

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With Don Finto & Caleb Company

Ivalene and I are honored to be part of the Caleb Company team ministering in Israel October 28 through November 8, 2017.

On the trip, led by “Papa” Don Finto and Tod McDowell, we will connect with some of the Messianic ministries we know from our long-term relationship with Don and Belmont Church. We will participate in outreach with local ministries to “the least of these”.

We will also meet and minister to Holocaust survivors and tour throughout the Land with a professional guide.

This trip has more of a “strategic ministry” purpose than our usual “teaching” missions trips. We are going to serve, learn and build relationships. I’ll do some worship leading, but we are not featured content providers. (We’ll see though, the Lord always has creative and un-anticipated ways He uses us!)

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REPORT: Our Epic Eastern Europe Missions Trip – Spring 2017

Worship Discipleship Ministry in Ukraine, Bulgaria, and Hungary

Hi Friends! Here is our most recent missions report loaded with pics and details. During the month of May 2017, Ivalene and I embarked on an epic worship discipleship trip teaching and doing worship ministry in Ukraine, Bulgaria, and Hungary.

God is on the move!

  • We saw the Lord move powerfully through answered prayer in our times of ministry throughout the entire time we were overseas.
  • This trip affirmed there seems to be an on-going need need for Biblical discipleship – teaching, encouraging and  impartation – in the areas of worship ministry. We were able to meet this need in our own unique way. People were hungry, receptive and appreciative. This was a great blessing!
  • The Holy Spirit truly helped us teach and communicate effectively. We were very encouraged by the feedback from those we were serving.
  • Angels were working overtime to keep us healthy and safe in travel. We faced some challenges and difficulties, but the Lord saw us through every one.
  • The Lord proved himself to be very good!

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