Resurrection Power Available Now!

A box full of Resurrection Power books.  Some churches and small groups are ordering in bulk.

A box full of Resurrection Power books. Some churches and small groups are ordering in bulk.

I am so excited, today is the official launch of my new book, Resurrection Power: 50 Days That Rocked The World. A Devotional Journey!

The e-book is available for immediate download on Amazon and if you buy it this week, I’ll have some awesome bonuses. Check here to read the reviews and see what people are saying:

Because this is Holy Week I’m super busy and got delayed on uploading the bonus content. So, I’ll be posting updates to the bonuses in the next day. They will include an exclusive music CD, audio recording of the book, and digital files of the book in all formats.




Worship Recap April 6: The Night before The Cross Cantata

Cantata Graphic copy

This past weekend we shared our choir cantata, “The Night Before The Cross”. It was a great blessing for everyone. Our choir worked super hard and I was very proud of them. They carry a joyful attitude that is transformative.

Some of the feedback we received:

  • “Powerful…”
  • “Most inspiring, heartfelt cantata I’ve ever been to …”
  • “It gave me goosebumps …”
  • “Great flow and story …”

The “The Night Before The Cross” explores events and stories preceding the arrest of Jesus and his subsequent passion. All of the songs were composed by John G. Elliott (copyright Galestorm Music, et al). The Cantata concept was written and edited by Rob Still.

Resurrection Power Update: Paperback In Hand, This Is Really Happening

The other day I got the advance “proof” copy of Resurrection Power! Wow! This is really happening!.

Book Preview Pic

So I’ve made a little video about the book :

And here’s a link to my Insiders Group sign-up page with more info and links to get an excerpt and other cool bonuses. The official book launch is April 14 on Amazon, so sign up and help spread the word! Thanks for your support.

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Three Life Lessons From Being Sick, Even if Just A Little While

Dear Friends

Over 2 weeks ago I got pretty sick with the flu.

I’ve been in generally excellent health and don’t recall having even much of a cold in the last 7 years. This time though, it really laid me out. I basically stayed in bed the first week. The second week I was over the flu symptoms but felt really weak and tired. Now – praise God, I’m finally starting to get over the slump and pick up some energy.

Res Pwr 3d

One of my goals for 2014 was to launch my first (finished) book, Resurrection Power on April 14. That is still definitely happening, but because I was sick I lost some valuable time to work on the launch.

However, I had occasion to reflect during this experience on things very much related to the themes of the book like mortality, relationships and legacy.  This post is to share a few of these insights that I hope are helpful to you.

1) Tomorrow is not promised.

While I was sick, a worship leader in Hendersonville that I knew and had played with years ago,  Mike Cowart, died suddenly of a heart attack. He was barely 40 and literally on his way to Hawaii the very next day. One day he was in the prime of his life – enjoying family, making art – then it was all over in an instant.

But God told him, ‘… This very night your life will be demanded back from you. Now who will get the things you’ve accumulated?’ Luke 12:20

The CDC says that 200,000 people per year are hospitalized for flu and it can end in death. Earlier this season, a teenage girl in Hendersonville had come down with the flu and died within days.

After my onset, I had expected my condition to improve as always, however it got worse for four consecutive days. My throat and vocal chords were in real pain.  My lungs started to hurt so bad, I got to thinking, “Sheesh, maybe I could die from this.” (Sometimes my thinking does get a little catastrophic.)

You just never know. And that’s the point.

Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring. Proverbs 27:1

2) Relationships matter. People need the Lord – and one another.

The first and greatest commandment is to love God with all your heart, mind soul and strength, Mark 12:30. The second is to love your neighbor as yourself. It would be better though, to love your neighbor as Jesus would love them.

I am a typical stubborn male and did not want to go to the doctor. But after 48 hours of misery, I was ready to move from my denial, rugged individualism and superiority complex to … humility and helplessness.

Even with medication,  the pain got so bad, I threw out a prayer request in social media land. This has to be one of the redemptive qualities of Facebook. Lots of people commented and prayed. Those prayers and word of encouragement carried me when I needed it.

Another friend who I hadn’t connected with in a long tine reached out and recommended a natural supplement. She even loaned us some of hers. It brought relief and was a big help.

3) Your body of work is your contribution to the world. It is the only thing that will outlive you.

This month I’ve been reading a couple of books by Todd Henry that are inspiring and motivating, as well as practical -  The Accidental Creative: How to Be Brilliant at a Moment’s Noticeand Die Empty: Unleash Your Best Work Every Day.

I think the point in creating art is bigger than just “leaving something behind.” Great art makes the world a better place, it helps people in some manner.

That’s the kind of art I want to create – whether it’s music and writing, or relationships and leadership – it’s got to be for a worthy cause. For me, I want the work of my hands and the fruit of my life to give glory to God,  Soli Deo Gloria. (Link)

4) Personal Worship

I believe that choosing to be a worshiper of God will make your life better in every way imaginable. In fact, better than you could hope or imagine.

And that’s why I want to encourage you to interact with God as an act of worship in your personal, private space. Worship is far more than Sunday church music.

My hope for you is that these words and thoughts will be a catalyst for engaging with God and a blessing for your spiritual journey.

Which leads me back full circle to mention – hey, I’m launching a devotional book real soon that I hope will be a blessing to you.

You can find out more about it, get a free excerpt and preview Resurrection Power at this link.

How about you?

What have you learned from those times you were sick, or down and out? Share in the comments, I’d love to hear from you on this.

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My New (and 1st!) Book, Resurrection Power, Launches April 14!

Editing the manuscript for "Resurrection Power"

Editing the manuscript for “Resurrection Power”

Dear Friend,

About 11 months ago I embarked on a writing journey exploring the Christian storyline from Easter to Pentecost. I shared on my blog what I was learning and hearing from the Holy Spirit, along with my daily photo of the morning sunrise.

Many readers asked if I would be turning the series into a book.

Well of course, the answer is yes!

So now I’m excited (and, well, somewhat apprehensive) to announce the launch of my first (finished) book – Resurrection Power: 50 Days That Rocked The World. The process of seeking God during the season of writing was transformational for me, and I believe reading it will be a great blessing to you too.

The book officially goes on sale April 14, 2014 on That would be the best day to buy it. The reason is that I want to register as many sales as possible April 14-21 in an attempt to get the book to rank high on the Best Sellers list in it’s categories.

What This Book Is About

Resurrection Power is a 50 day devotional book that dives deep into the events and conversations surrounding Jesus from his Resurrection until the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.

Who This Book Is For

This book will benefit any Christian desiring to grow deeper in their faith, hope and love for God.


Feedback from Readers

How thought-provoking! Never thought of this before… Profound. Good way to start my morning .. thanks Rob! Caryn C.
Beautifully stated! In 15 years of church I never heard so much as a sermon about this time period. Thank you! Crista S.
I am loving this. Your insights and paraphrases bring clarity. Picture, length and writings are encouraging and up lifting. Vickie M.
Thanks Rob for presenting GODS word in a most simple as well as profound truth… Cristina M.
” “But the rewards are worth it. There is joy in the journey.” Amen! - Gangai V.

Find out more about Resurrection Power and get a sneak peek on-line – for a very limited time.

For a very limited time there’s a sample on-line through

Res Pwr PressBook

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How You Can Help Launch Resurrection Power

I believe this book will be a blessing to folks who read it.

Here’s how you can help spread the love.

Join the Resurrection Power Book Club, stay updated about the book, get a free excerpt, plus more bonus goodies. I’ll announce the extra freebies on April 12.

Over to you.

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Three Latin Words That Will Immediately Transform Your Worship Ministry

Soli Deo Gloria

Constantly I’m reflecting on the big “WHY” of worship ministry.

Why we do what we do?

Sometimes we endure strife, contention, controversy and/or stress over various “issues” regarding worship and music.

The root cause of many mistaken assumptions and erroneous expectations regarding music ministry is misunderstanding the foundational role and purpose of music in worship.

There is a simple three word Latin phrase that has guided church musicians for centuries . It is more relevant today than ever as a standard to uphold.