With Don Finto & Caleb Company

Ivalene and I are honored to be part of the Caleb Company team ministering in Israel October 28 through November 8, 2017.

On the trip, led by “Papa” Don Finto and Tod McDowell, we will connect with some of the Messianic ministries we know from our long-term relationship with Don and Belmont Church. We will participate in outreach with local ministries to “the least of these”.

We will also meet and minister to Holocaust survivors and tour throughout the Land with a professional guide.

This trip has more of a “strategic ministry” purpose than our usual “teaching” missions trips. We are going to serve, learn and build relationships. I’ll do some worship leading, but we are not featured content providers. (We’ll see though, the Lord always has creative and un-anticipated ways He uses us!)

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The Purpose of Church Worship And The Role of Music

What is The Purpose of Worship & Music?

Lately, I’ve had the opportunity to visit a wide variety of churches. Every one of them has a very different approach to leading congregational worship.

And, as I’m sure I heard Robert Webber say, “I’ve found myself thinking and rethinking” about two very fundamental questions. What is the purpose of church worship? and What is the role of music in worship?

This article reflects my thinking so far about those issues. I propose a framework of four key principles for each question and four practical application points.

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Worship Actions & Attitudes: Understanding 10 Hebrew Praise Words

My New Kindle Book Includes Free Bonus Guide, "Slideshow" e-Book, and Video Training

Worship Actions & Attitudes Hebrew Praise Words

I’ve got a new Kindle book coming out, WORSHIP ACTIONS & ATTITUDES: Understanding 10 Hebrew Words for Praise”. It is a very quick and easy read. I wrote it in response to the large interest shown for Hebrew praise words from my earlier blog post.

Understanding the Biblical foundations of “why we do the things we do” in worship is so very important. It’s vital to worshiping “in spirit and in truth.”

Having a deep appreciation for the original meaning behind these ancient Hebrew praise words can profoundly shape the way you worship.

The Kindle book edition of   “WORSHIP ACTIONS & ATTITUDES: Understanding 10 Hebrew Words for Praise”  explores the topic much deeper and expands beyond my original article (and much of the free stuff you’ll randomly find on the internet), in four substantial ways:

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A Song of Hope Inspired by Ecclesiastes & John Maxwell’s “Failing Forward”

Song Video: Say Goodbye To Yesterday

As I write this it’s Labor Day Weekend, and on the Daily Audio Bible podcast, we started the book of Ecclesiastes.

Ecclesiastes is a fantastic passage of scripture to read at this time of year. As the seasons change and we approach the final quarter of the year, it is a good exercise to reflect on life’s journey so far.

I wrote the song “Say Goodbye to Yesterday” very much with the philosophical themes of Ecclesiastes in mind. However, unlike the book’s author Solomon whose revelation was “everything is meaningless”, my conclusions are brighter, and more confident of God’s redemptive heart and ultimate power.

The primary idea of the chorus is to resolve our failures as a means of God’s grace, not to be defined by them. Neither are we to be haunted or stunted by our feelings of shame, but to let our mistakes and regrets go, and move on in the grace of God’s love.

As I wrote in a previous blog post, the idea of “Saying goodbye to yesterday” was from the book “Failing Forward” by John Maxwell [“Failing Forward: Turning Mistakes into Stepping Stones for Success” ]

The book outlines 15 steps to overcome setbacks. Number seven is to “say goodbye to yesterday.”

We will never make a difference if we allow the past to hold the future hostage.

“To move forward you must learn to say good-bye to yesterday’s hurts, tragedies and baggage. You can’t build a monument to past problems and fail forward.” John Maxwell, Failing Forward

If we can embrace the long term perspective of heaven, we will fulfill the purpose and destiny that God so deeply desires for each of us to obtain.

Life done God’s way truly is meaningful. 

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Producing “Prepare! For The End-Time Harvest”

Why You Must Listen to Don Finto's New Audio Book!

Prepare! For The End Time Harvest

A few months ago, I had the honor of producing the audio book version of Don Finto’s latest book “Prepare! For The End-Time Harvest”. 

“Pappa Don” has been one of the most influential spiritual leaders in my life, as he has been for countless others in Nashville and around the world.

Recording "Prepare!" audio book with Don Finto.

Recording “Prepare!” audio book with Pappa Don Finto.

I knew “Prepare!” was an important work when we were recording it. Don Finto, at age 87, is a modern day Caleb,  vigorous and strong in the Lord. His keen insight on the times in which we live, delivered powerfully through his extensive lens of a lifetime of Biblical wisdom, make this a “must listen” audio book. 

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REPORT: Our Epic Eastern Europe Missions Trip – Spring 2017

Worship Discipleship Ministry in Ukraine, Bulgaria, and Hungary

Hi Friends! Here is our most recent missions report loaded with pics and details. During the month of May 2017, Ivalene and I embarked on an epic worship discipleship trip teaching and doing worship ministry in Ukraine, Bulgaria, and Hungary.

God is on the move!

  • We saw the Lord move powerfully through answered prayer in our times of ministry throughout the entire time we were overseas.
  • This trip affirmed there seems to be an on-going need need for Biblical discipleship – teaching, encouraging and  impartation – in the areas of worship ministry. We were able to meet this need in our own unique way. People were hungry, receptive and appreciative. This was a great blessing!
  • The Holy Spirit truly helped us teach and communicate effectively. We were very encouraged by the feedback from those we were serving.
  • Angels were working overtime to keep us healthy and safe in travel. We faced some challenges and difficulties, but the Lord saw us through every one.
  • The Lord proved himself to be very good!

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